Dear Parents,

You have handed over to us the apple of your eye, we assure you to given him/her the love, care and atmosphere so that his/her childhood gets all – round development. Our efforts can be rewarded only with your co-operation. We therefore request you to help us on the following points.

Punctuality is the soul of discipline. Please inculcate the habit in your child to be punctual.

Please send your child to the school in proper uniform.

Neatness sets the tone of the school. The uniform must be clean & properly ironed. Nails and hair should be properly cut.

In order to acquire fluency in English, please encourage the child to speak in English at home too.

Please go through your child’s diary regularly and follow the instructions.

The student will not be allowed to leave the premises once they enter the school until school hours are over/or written request from the parents.

Students get education not only in school but also at homes and in the society. Therefore, all efforts are made to establish good rapport between teachers and parents by arranging regular “Parent Teacher Meets “after every Bi-Monthly and Half-Yearly Examination from 8:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.

In order to inculcate good habits towards balanced diet, stress is laid on nutritious food in lunch. Please, therefore, prepare the lunch box of your child keeping this aspect in mind.

“Healthy mind lies in a healthy body, a cheerful disposition and a compassionate heart”. Please take interest in your child’s academic, social and cultural development to make him/her blossom fully into a multifaceted personality.

The above mentioned rules & regulations can be changed in the interest of the school and the students, without prior notice which are expected to be complied with by parents. Parents are expected to follow the rules in their own interest.

We trust that you will cooperate with us in making the school really unique and ideal, and thereby helping your child grow into a worthy citizen and noble human being.


A month’s notice i.e. 30 days is required before withdrawal. Notice of the withdrawal should be given in writing to the Principal by the parents/ Guardian and not by the student. The application form for the School Leaving Certificate is attached with the student’s hand-book. Rs.100/- will be charged for T.C. The school fee for the current term will have to be paid the S.L.C. is issued. In case any student remains absent from school for a period of 10 days or more without any application for leave duty signed by parents/guardian, the Management/Principal reserves the right to struck off his/her name from school’s Scholar Register.


Any misconduct resulting in the student being placed under “caution & observation” or any repetition of grave misconduct will result in the student being asked to leave the school or may be expelled. The Management’s decision will be final.